Climate Change and Disasters


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What does climate change have to do with disasters? Experts on The Multi-Hazards Podcast weigh in on how climate change is affecting the planet and human society, and how it plays a role in increasing disasters. Join us for this exciting podcast!

Study Guide here (click on PDF, top left):

Topics include: * How does climate change increases the frequency and magnitude of extreme weather events? * What does "1 in 20/50/100 years" probability of a flood or other disaster mean? * How can climate change factor into where we build homes to avoid floods? * How has the Canadian province of British Columbia (BC) been affected by extreme weather events these past few years? * What are "freshets"? * How does the amount of snow (snowpack) and the way it melts factor into potential floods? * How can knowledge of climate change risks be brought into emergency management? * What's "risk assessment"? "Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (HRVA)"? * Why is it important that risk assessment start at the national level? * Why is "What do the elders say?" an all-important question for First Nations people? * How will climate change change life for First Nations? * Why are polar bears are eating out of garbage dumps at James Bay in Canada? * How does "chance favour the prepared mind"? * How are some First Nations preparing for climate change and possibly relocating? * Why is it so important to get the message out about emergencies and climate change? * Why are we always reminded about climate change, even when we want to forget about it? * Why is it important to show the projected costs of climate change? * What are these health factors from climate change: declining air quality due to ground-level ozone, increasing incidence of Lyme disease and the health effects of hotter temperatures?

SOURCES (past Multi-Hazards episodes): S01 E13 Earthquakes, Disaster Education & Protecting Communities - Interview with Dr. Burçak Başbuğ Erkan, June 18, 2020 Link: S01 E17 Emergency Management with the Red Dragon - Interview with Paul Edmonds, June 25, 2020 Link: S02 E02 The Cutting Edge - First Nations & Emergency Management - Interview with Wilbert Wesley, July 24, 2020 Link: S04 E15 Black Emergency Managers Worldwide - Conversation with Charles D Sharp, July 2, 2021 Link: S04 E19 The Health Costs of Climate Change with Dylan Clark, the Canadian Institute for Climate Choices, July 30, 2021 Link:

Intro: "Ten Inch Spikes" by Jeremy Korpas on Youtube Audio Library Outro: "Friendly Dance" by Nico Staf on YouTube Audio Library

Photo by British Columbia Ministry of Transportation on Flicker: "Commercial vehicle stuck in mudslide debris on Highway 12. Heavy rain on August 16 [2021] caused multiple mudslides on BC Highway 1 and 12 in the Fraser Canyon. Crews continue to work to clear the debris and re-open the highways."

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