Episode 41: 'Sayonara Jupiter' (Mini-Analysis)


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Hello, kaiju lovers!

A chapter closes on today’s episode as Nate concludes his “mini-sode” series on the Toho classics he missed out on in his previous podcast life. This week he discusses the almost-forgotten hard sci-fi tokusatsu film from 1984, Sayonara Jupiter (aka Bye Bye Jupiter). It was something of a transitional film for Toho since its cast and crew included players from both the Showa and Heisei eras, including Akihiko Hirata (in his final role), Sakyo Komatsu (author of Submersion of Japan), Koichi Kawakita (FX director for the Heisei Godzilla series), and Koji Hashimoto (director of Return of Godzilla/Godzilla 1985). Unfortunately, the Hollywood-caliber special effects can’t save it from an overstuffed script that has a Jupiter Solarization Project, an eco-cult/terrorist group, and Nazca lines on Mars, among other things. If the film is known for anything, though, it’s the (in)famous zero gravity sex scene (which may or may not be intrepid producer Jimmy From NASA’s favorite part). Yep.

After Nate gets into all of this, he reads some listener feedback in the form of three new Apple Podcasts reviews and then gets a visit from Monster Island’s security chief, Captain Douglas Gordon, who brings along a famous friend he says is upset with Nate. This leads to an important announcement about MIFV’s next episode series.

After the credits, Nate and Jimmy are visited by Jessica, still fresh off of her exploits as magical girl superheroine Crystal Lady. She’s been given some, shall we say, “special” earrings by the nefarious Monster Island Board of Directors. Let’s just say Nate and Jess butt heads more than usual because of them.

Guest stars:

  • Sarah Marchand as Jessica Shaw

Epilogue Parts 1-2 (“Introducing Godzilla Redux” and “Influencers”) written by Nathan Marchand.

Additional music:

Sound effects sourced from Freesound.org, including one by InspectorJ, and the Toho Foley library.

We’d like to give a shout-out to our MIFV MAX patrons Travis Alexander and Michael Hamilton (co-hosts of Kaiju Weekly); Danny DiManna (author/creator of the Godzilla Novelization Project); Eli Harris (elizilla13); Chris Cooke (host of One Cross Radio); Bex from Redeemed Otaku; and Damon Noyes! Thanks for your support!

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This episode is approved by the Monster Island Board of Directors.

Timestamps: Intro/Film Analysis: 0:00-15:14 Ad: 15:14-17:09 Listener Feedback: 17:09-22:17 Outro, Epilogue Part 1, and Credits: 22:17-31:31 Epilogue Part 2: 31:31-end

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