Episode 6: The Moment I Closed My Company with Damilola Teidi


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What do you do when the company you run goes under? When Damilola was in the same situation she was faced with a major decision- hide away or bravely confront her worst fears.

In her episode on The Moment I, she shares her story and how she found the confidence to confront her fears.

Damilola Teidi is a software developer and business expert with over 9 years of experience in the African tech industry where she has leveraged her expertise to help several startups succeed,

A former CEO and co-founder of GoMyWay and current director at CCHub, she is no stranger to the pitfalls that come with trying to scale a startup in Africa.

When she is not directly working with startup founders, she engages various key stakeholders to create an enabling ecosystem for high-growth companies to thrive on the continent.

Wanna see more of Damilola? Visit www.confidentdarling.com to download the lookbook below and view her confidence showcase!

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