032. Breakneck Booty with Shelby Kennedy: How YOU Can Prioritize Your Health and Wellness from Home with 19 Simple, No Equipment Necessary, Steps!


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TMSS 32 Show Notes

Breakneck Booty with Shelby Kennedy: How YOU Can Prioritize Your Health and Wellness from Home with 19 Simple, No Equipment Necessary, Steps!

Episode 32: Show Notes

We've all said it - there aren't enough hours in the day. Between work, family, and the bazillion things on that never-ending to-do list, the modern woman's days can easily slip away in a rush of caring for everyone else but ourselves. And, while we know that carving out time to take care of your body is about more than fitness, who honestly has the motivation or finances to spend hours in the gym? Powerhouse Shelby Kennedy believes we all deserve time to honor our bodies and feel empowered about prioritizing ourselves, without having to break the bank or restructure our whole day. Today we are thrilled to have her back on the show to celebrate the launch of her book which tells you how to do exactly that! Breakneck Booty: The 19 Most Effective, No-Equipment Exercises To Strengthen, Grow And Transform Your Glutes From Home in Just 14 Days is designed with the modern woman in mind, and takes you through simple but targeted explanations of each step in the 2-week challenge to show how you can (and should) shape your fitness routine to fit into your lifestyle. In this conversation, Shelby shares what inspired her to write this book, examples of the ways you can use the exercises and adjust them to the challenge level you would like, and some inspiring advice on how she lives her life through presence, vulnerability, and bravely sharing what you have to offer with the world. From the importance of the mind-body connection in terms of mental health, to why the booty is the best place to start, tune in now to hear how self-love and feeling good can become a part of your daily life!

Key Points From This Episode:

● We catch up on the Shelby Kennedy brand, and her inspiration for Breakneck Booty! ● Hear Shelby's take on failure, and being brave with what you have to offer. ● The importance of believing in yourself, and getting out of your own way! ● How, as modern women, we don't have the time or money to spend hours in the gym. ● How we each deserve affordable and time-saving fitness that works for our lifestyle.

● Achieving the 2-week challenge and then shaping the schedule to fit your needs. ● Some examples of ways you can adjust the challenge level of the exercises. ● Shelby shares her life journey with exercise and what she's learned along the way. ● What the mind-body connection means to her, and how exercise boosts mental health. ● Why the booty is a great place to start!

● Shelby's mission: empowering, educating, and helping women to boost their self-love. ● Honoring yourself and your body by intentionally carving out 'me time'. ● How the experience of a physical book or list can be super motivating and personal. ● Shelby's approach of living in the moment; sitting in the discomfort of the unknown.

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TMSS 32 Show Notes

● How she is embracing vulnerability and being open to all types of feedback. ● Hear Shelby's inspiring final advice on self-acceptance and valuing what we want!


“Failure is a very real option, but if you do not try you are never going to know what you're capable of.” — Shelby Kennedy [0:06:23]

“This life is a balance of believing in yourself, and getting out of your own way.” — Shelby Kennedy [0:07:37]

“Can you work out and feel good about yourself, feel good about your results and the effort that you put in? And not have it take up all your time because you're a busy modern woman and you have a bazillion things to do? Yes! And I believe that's what my book delivers.” — Shelby Kennedy [0:08:59]

“Yes, you're taking your 30 to 45 minutes to do your workout, but that time is about you, and I feel like we [as women] don't get that.” — Shelby Kennedy [0:15:00]

“I am trying to live in this moment right now. And what that means for me is, you need to live in it with how it feels.” — Shelby Kennedy [0:21:20]

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