029. Conquer 100 Behind the Scenes: How Family Conquers All with Sunny Jo Lawrence


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Conquer 100 Behind the Scenes: How Family Conquers All with Sunny Jo Lawrence


The Mom Sweat Sanity Podcast is back after a summer hiatus and we cant wait for you to tune in to all out exciting new line-ups!

We are kicking it off with an amazing women, Sunny Jo Lawrence.


Episode 29: Show Notes.

For anyone who followed the Iron Cowboy James Lawrence complete his incredible Conquer 100 physical challenge by completing 100 triathlons in 100 days, today’s guest may be familiar to you. In this episode, we speak to his wife, the equally incredible Sunny Jo Lawrence. She gives us a behind-the-scenes look at what life was like for James, for her, and for their five children as he undertook this incredibly challenging pursuit. We look at the ups and downs of such a journey and what it looks like to be the organizer and the support system. She speaks about how the Conquer 100 required a collective effort for the whole family, how each of her kids found their own purpose and role in it, and how she prepared for it by setting the tone. We also discuss how she has used the experience to teach her children that change and disruption are opportunities for growth. Tune in today to find out where she saw the biggest growth in herself during the Conquer 100, the importance and the difficulty of maintaining a good attitude through challenging times, and why this generation should not be afraid to pursue hard things intentionally. You’ll also hear about Sunny Jo’s calling to connect with women, her new speaking career, and her future plans in terms of content creation, as well as the possibility of a book. What does Sunny's life look like with five kids in a goal-oriented household and how does she keep her values in check? Well, tune in today to find out!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Some of Sunny Jo Lawrence’s background and her love of fitness.
  • How fitness brought her and her husband James Lawrence together.
  • Sunny Jo’s experience of doing triathlons.
  • How Sunny Jo prepared for Conquer 100 by setting the tone for the household.
  • How Sunny has taught her children that change and disruption is an opportunity for growth.
  • How this lesson relates to the pandemic.
  • How James lives his mantra of living in the present.
  • Sunny Jo’s calling to connect with women and her new speaking career.
  • How her new career offers her the opportunity to self-reflect and grow.
  • Why having to adapt everyday was one of the greatest challenges she faced during the Conquer 100.
  • The importance and the difficulty of maintaining a good attitude in the situation she faced.
  • The most physically challenging thing Sunny Jo’s has ever experienced firsthand.
  • How this generation avoids discomfort but Sunny Jo’s daughter is learning to pursue hard things intentionally.
  • Future plans for Sunny Jo in terms of content creation and the possibility of a book.
  • Sunny Jo’s normal morning and evening self-care routines.
  • Her thoughts on her changing role as a mother as her children grow up.
  • Britt’s advice for Sunny Jo to sit in your silence.


“Every mom knows that she sets the mood of the home. So, I imagine in these moments of chaos, as long as the mom keeps it together, the whole family keeps it together. I knew that. I knew it was imperative.” — Sunny Jo Lawrence [0:07:21]

“And that’s the crazy part, it’s like people went into this year with COVID saying, ‘Oh my gosh, everything’s uncertain!’ Every morning when you get out of bed, life is uncertain. It is no different than every other day of our lives.” — Sunny Jo Lawrence [0:10:53]

“It’s okay to suffer but when you go 10 and 20 years and you haven’t figured out your path and you can’t figure out this balance, that’s what I want to talk to women about.” — Sunny Jo Lawrence [0:17:05]

“It’s a beautiful place of growth for me as well because I get to self-reflect and say, ‘Well, where am I? Where do I have gaps? Where am I missing what I need to be seeing in all this? And where do I have room to grow?’” — Sunny Jo Lawrence [0:20:26]

“The whole journey is unprecedented. No one’s ever done this before, no one knows what to expect. The people who’ve come closest are us!” — Sunny Jo Lawrence [0:25:45]

Sunny Jo's Bio:

Sunny is a Utah native and have a college degree from Utah Valley University in the field of Psychology. I married James in December of 2000 and we are loving life together. We have five children, four daughters and one son on the end. I have always loved being a mom, as well as James’ #1 supporter through all of his accomplishments. We balance each other out and make a great team.

I am excited about starting my own career, and heading into the second half of my life. I am passionate about people, and love getting to know anyone with whom I cross paths. I am regularly told that I am a ray of sunshine and that my personality fits my name.

I have been an athlete for most years of my life, and have enjoyed the calmed down version now that I am entering the next chapter of my life. Golf has waited many years, and is now something that I love to do, especially in my hot pink golf shoes.

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