028. Discovering Key Tools and Techniques to THRIVE AT LIFE with Thriving Life Collective's Meredith Dawson


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The Mom Sweat Sanity Podcast

Episode 028. Featuring Meredith Dawson

Show Notes

Discovering Key Tools & Techniques to Thrive at Life with Thriving Life Collective’s Meredith Dawson Episode 28: Show Notes. Shortly after Meredith Dawson became a mom, she also became a single mom. She realized that she desperately needed resources to deal with the stress, overwhelm, and trauma that she was faced with, and this led her to develop an entire tool kit of resources to help her cope and ultimately thrive. As a childhood educator and mother, Meredith felt compelled to be more than a teacher and left the classroom to have a greater impact on her community by using these tools to help support teachers and families. Today, she joins us to talk about her business the Thriving Life Collective and how she is equipping people with key tools and techniques through a range of wellbeing practices. Meredith explains the importance of breathwork to be able to process the emotional messages in our bodies and explains some of the other resources she utilizes, including essential oils, meditation and mindful movement. She educates us about tapping, a technique where you can stimulate a physiological effect on your nervous system by tapping on different pressure points in your body to reset your energy centre. For helpful tips on how you too can thrive physically and emotionally, tune in today! Key Points From This Episode: • An introduction to Meredith Dawson: mother, childhood educator, and well-being warrior. • How trying to deal with the stress, trauma, and overwhelm of becoming a single mother led Meredith to find resources to help. • How she uses the tool kit that she developed to help herself and others. • The importance of breathwork to be able to process the emotional messages in our body. • How Meredith left teaching in order to have a greater impact on her community. • Insight into her ‘back to breath’ program and what it entails. • How COVID impacted her business and the need for support in schools. • An introduction to the tapping technique and its physiological effects on the nervous system. • A breakdown of where all the pressure points can be found in your body and what can be achieved by tapping on them. • Insight into her outdoor program and the importance of nature. • The importance of being able to identify stress and reset your energy centre to move forward. • How tapping when you talk through your vision can help make it a reality. • An overview of some of the different programs Meredith offers and what they entail. • Where you can find Meredith and her programs. • What Meredith’s daily routine consists of. • Meredith’s final thoughts: “What if everything within us was for us and it was the overflow that went to other people?” Tweetables: © 2021 Mom Sweat Sanity Podcast 1

TMSS 28 Show Notes “It’s just led me down a path to creating this beautiful Thriving Life tool kit, to be able to share with others and to use myself, to use with my own family that really works.” — Meredith Dawson [0:03:26] “I like to say that I’m a mom and an educator and a well-being warrior, but really I’m just a human who’s striving to thrive, like we all are, right?” — Meredith Dawson [0:03:36] It really, for me, comes back to that ability to connect with breath, because when we connect with our breath, we create space to be able to process emotions and process those emotional messages in our body that can really get mixed up in our heads.” — Meredith Dawson [0:05:50] “What if everything within us was for us, for our own well-being, and it was the overflow that went to other people?” — Meredith Dawson [0:28:47] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Thriving Life Collective Meredith Dawson on Instagram Britt Anderson Britt Anderson on Instagram © 2021 Mom Sweat Sanity Podcast 2

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