020. The Mash Movement: Movement, Awareness, Service and Health. Bringing Awareness and Hope to Muscular Dystrophy with Kasha Mitton and Maggie Aynsley


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The Mash Movement: Movement, Awareness, Service and Health, Bringing Awareness and Hope to Muscular Dystrophy with Kasha Mitton and Maggie Aynsley

Episode 20: Show Notes.

Their love for movement, combined with the introduction of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) into their lives, and their desire to create meaningful change, drove two best friends to found The Mash Movement. Although Kasha Mitton’s son’s diagnosis of DMD is painfully challenging, she and Maggie Aynsley choose to live in hope and optimism in the face of this tragedy. In Canada, little is known about DMD, and there are no approved treatments. The Mash Movement raises awareness around this rare neuromuscular disorder through storytelling and movement - not only movement in the physical sense, but in the emotional realm too. Their goal is to be there for people who are suffering all kinds of hardships, and their adopted mantra is “start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.” Their passion for their cause and gratitude for each other is inspiring, as you will hear today. Make sure you have a box of tissues nearby for this equally heartbreaking and heartwarming episode.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • “Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can” - Arthur Ash.
  • Maggie and Kasha introduce themselves and what they are hoping to achieve with The Mash Movement.
  • The meaning behind the Greek symbol which can be found in their logo.
  • Factors which led to the founding of The Mash Movement, slightly over a year ago.
  • Their biggest accomplishment so far: 25 days of Live in the Movement.
  • Learn about Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), the neuromuscular disorder which Kasha’s son, Jude, suffers from.
  • The lack of a collective voice and approved treatments for DMD in Canada, although they do exist elsewhere.
  • Support being shown for The Mash Movement from all over.
  • Maggie explains why storytelling has become an important part of The Mash Movement.
  • The story behind Jesse’s Journey, the only charity in Canada focused on research for a cure for DMD.
  • Chapters in The Mom Babes book that Maggie and Kasha have written.
  • Life has thrown them huge challenges but Maggie and Kasha maintain hope and optimism.
  • An emotional sharing of the qualities that Kasha and Maggie admire in each other and their feelings about life.
  • Gratitude for their community.
  • The online yoga class, in collaboration with Free Flow, that you can join on Earth Day (and why you should!).


“Movement brought up together. It’s our language of healing.” — Kasha Mitton [0:00:35]

“We truly believe in hope. Not just for those suffering from Duchenne but for anyone who is journeying through hardship.” — Maggie Aynsley [0:04:38]

“Every day, little by little, if we can bring awareness [around DMD], because it’s rare, because we don’t have a collective voice.” — Kasha Mitton [0:13:27]

“Our ultimate goal is that we just continue being for other people. We’re not “human doings”, we’re human beings and we just want to be for other people. — Maggie Aynsley [0:20:21]

“It’s not just about bringing people together through physical movement. It’s about working people’s muscles of compassion and empathy and generosity and just love for each other. Those are the muscles that we need in this world.” — Kasha Mitton [0:23:52]

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Britt Anderson

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