019. Meal Prep, Fitness, and Mom Management: How to Set Yourself Up for a Successful Week with Candice McMurren


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Episode 19

Meal Prep, Fitness, and Mom Management: How to Set Yourself Up for a Successful Week with Candice McMurren

Episode 19: Show Notes.

As busy moms, we are often so focused on making sure that everyone else in the family is taken care of that we forget to look after our own health, and unfortunately, our fitness goals are usually the first to fall by the wayside. Today’s guest knows this struggle all too well, but she has developed some strategies to assist you in staying on track! Candice McMurren is a mom, wellness coach and Founder of Candice McMurren Fitness and, in this episode, we talk all things fitness, meal planning, meal prepping, and ways to set yourself up for a successful week and alleviate the guess and stress. Tuning in, you’ll hear a bit about Candice’s personal weight loss journey and how she juggles mom duties, physical fitness, and nutrition. She also shares the benefits of meal prepping and focusing on your nutrition first, and her advice for being in control of what you eat without depriving yourself, starting with just 10 minutes of a workout, and practicing gratitude. Tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Learn about Candice’s career trajectory from school vice principal to fitness coach.
  • Why Candice encourages others to do those things that seem the scariest to do.
  • How she juggles mom duties and physical fitness by waking up early or involving her kids in her work outs.
  • Learn about the benefits of meal prepping, not just for you, but for your kids too.
  • Candice’s philosophy is that your nutrition is number one, then strength training, then cardio.
  • Helping her clients shift their daily routines by undoing myths and instilling small, new habits.
  • Why you often have to eat more than you would think to build the body you want.
  • How she creates a sample meal plan; but you have to be honest about what you eat!
  • The goal is to be in control of what you eat and stick to your goals without feeling deprived.
  • Candice’s advice for moms who say they don’t have the time to exercise: start small, even if you only do 10 minutes of a workout.
  • Find out what her typical daily routine looks like, including things like gratitude journalling.
  • Final tips and tools for setting yourself up for a successful week: use what you want to eat as the basis for planning meals for the week.
  • Live as if there is no finish line; Candice suggests that you start small, one thing at a time.
  • Hear a bit more about the shows and competitions Candice is training towards.


“Those things that often seem the scariest to do are usually those things that you have to do.” — Candice McMurren [0:06:55]

“Nutrition number one, your strength training number two, and then cardio is the tip of the iceberg.” — Candice McMurren [0:12:41]

“After you’re done working with me, you should be able to be completely in control of what your eating, and know that you’re eating within that framework, and still maintain whatever you’ve lost or keep losing, if that’s what your goal is, without feeling deprived.” — Candice McMurren [0:18:06]

“Start small. Don’t think that you have to do all of it, all at once to be successful. Start with one thing and then build to the next, and you’ll slowly see growth and change, and that will most likely prompt you to keep on going.” — Candice McMurren [0:26:50]

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