018. Pound A Day Weight Loss Program: How to Lose the Weight and Address your Health & Longevity to Keep it Off with Dr. Allana Polo


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Pound A Day Weight Loss Program: How to Lose the Weight and Address your Health & Longevity to Keep it Off with Dr. Allana Polo

Episode 18: Show Notes.

Weight struggles are often linked to other physical or mental difficulties, which is what makes them so challenging to treat. Dr. Allana Polo is a naturopath who runs her own clinic called Polo Health + Longevity Centre. While the clinic offers a range of services, Dr. Polo is especially interested in weight loss. In this episode, we hear more about her background and why she is so passionate about patients advocating for their health. Many people are excluded or ignored by mainstream medicine, so it is vital for them to have somewhere to go. We also hear about Dr. Polo’s pound-a-day weight loss programme, where she explains why she developed a regimen that results in such rapid weight loss. Crucially, the program is only supposed to be done for a short period, but seeing results so quickly can help patients stick with more long-term health changes. With more stress and increasingly sedentary lifestyles, it is more important than ever to be proactive about our health. Tune in today to hear more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Get to know Dr. Polo, her work as a naturopath, and the services her clinic offers.
  • The importance of advocating for your own health and finding doctors who believe you.
  • Why Dr. Polo is so passionate about weight loss; her parents struggled with their weight.
  • Details about Dr. Polo’s pound-a-day weight loss program.
  • Weight struggles are often attached to other issues, either psychological and physical.
  • Screening applicants for weight loss programs at the clinic; how Dr. Polo approaches this.
  • The benefits of having a weight loss program that works so quickly.
  • Some of the main factors that contribute to people being overweight.
  • The demographic Dr. Polo typically works with.
  • Losing weight requires consistency and being proactive.
  • Knowing your why helps you make decisions that have your long-term health in mind.
  • What the follow-up regimen after the pound-a-day program looks like.
  • Dr. Pollo’s final tips and tricks.


“We really make a difference in people’s lives. That's the most rewarding thing. We really are able to help people who have nowhere else to turn.” — Dr. Allana Polo [0:02:48]

“You will be more inclined to make better choices if you feel better about yourself.” — Dr. Allana Polo [0:13:43]

“If you can know what’s ahead of you, you can actively prepare for it.” — Dr. Allana Polo [0:18:15]

“Pick two or three things and do them really well.” — Dr. Allana Polo [0:24:10]

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