014. Let's Be Real: Mental Health: A Switch in Perspective. How Family Adapts


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The Mom Sweat Sanity Podcast.


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TMSS 14 Show Notes

Let’s Be Real: Mental Health – A Switch in Perspective: How Family Adapts

Episode 14: Show Notes.

Mental health is real; just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. It is okay to feel the way you feel. It’s just a matter of finding your way out of it and not letting it suck you into an unhealthy situation. If we could all be a little more honest with each other, how much less lonely would we all feel? Our guest today is Hayley McLean, who is part of our extended family. Today we give some context to our honest conversation about the other side of mental health. We share some of our stories about watching our husbands struggle and how that affected our world, and how we wanted to be there for them and oftentimes fell short. Our spouses should be talking to us about certain things, but to unload that stress is not our doing. They should be talking to someone who has the expertise to help them. Our conversation today is candid, personal, raw, and real. Hayley dives deep into her personal experience dealing with, working through, getting on board, and realizing some specific things as her husband went through his own process of healing his mental health. She faced not only his struggles but conquered some of her own mountains in the process. Stay tuned for all this and more, in today’s episode.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • We give context to our honest conversation for today; the other side of mental health.

  • Hayley shares more context behind her husband, Ty’s, story.

  • How stress and anxiety lead to a brewing storm; the silent killer.

  • Getting used to the idea of an invisible injury and the process of healing.

  • The official diagnosis: an anxiety attack mixed with low blood sugar.

  • Getting on board the change of pace in restarting, jobless, but healing.

  • How Hayley had to deal with the idea of putting all her eggs in someone else’s basket.

  • Realizing how she had been selling herself short and that she could, in fact, do anything!

  • A shift in perspective that seemed daunting, but ended up being so necessary.

  • How switching roles has impacted their relationship and helped them find a newfound respect

    for each other.

  • Hayley discusses outlets for her own mental health, like taking time for herself.

  • How recognizing your own feelings is pertinent to sustaining your mental health.

  • More about her husband’s journey and the steps they’ve taken to help in his healing.

  • The benefits of seeing a counselor, both when things are good or when they are bad.

  • We discuss whether or not kids should see their parents walk through tough times.

  • Hayley shares more about Ty’s new venture, The Benevolent Bench, and being an advocate

    for men’s mental health.


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TMSS 14 Show Notes

“Exercise and eating properly is the number one thing you can do for anxiety.” — Hayley McLean [0:10:20] “It was terrifying but so exciting to try and get out of the mundane work-stress life, and move into a place that we love.” — Hayley McLean [0:18:15]

“Being healthy and happy is more important than anything.” — Hayley McLean [0:28:15]

“You cannot be honest with other people until you are honest with yourself.” — Hayley McLean


“I think it is a really important job that our generation has been given to break the stigma of dad being super tough and [working] all the time, and do all this.” — Hayley McLean [0:40:47]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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