The Unconventional Journey to Success - Lindsey Vonn


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What does it take to reach the top? Lindsey Vonn is an entrepreneur, investor, and serial Olympic Gold Medalist. Lindsey is the most decorated American ski racer in history and widely regarded as one of the greatest of all time; holding 8 World Championships, 4 World Cups, and 3 Olympic Gold Medals. And she did it all while battling depression.

Since hanging up her ski boots, Lindsey has become a prominent advocate for mental health, her 2022 memoir: 'Rise: My Story' details her inspiring struggle while reaching the very pinnacle of sports.

In this episode, Vishen and Lindsey have a candid discussion on mental health and what it truly takes to be a champion.

Listen out for:

- The most important thing we need to do while raising our daughters.

- The story of how Lindsey entered the Olympics.

- What made Lindsey stay focused on her goal at a young age.

- How depression changed Lindsey’s life as an olympian.

- How skiing helped Lindsey in the leadership of her company.

- What helped Lindsey become confident and her advice for people.


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