The Secret Power of Orgasms and How to Have Multiple Ones - Marisa Peer


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The only thing better than an orgasm…is having multiple ones! In this episode, Mindvalley's favorite and former sex columnist Marisa Peer explains how to have multiple orgasms and why eroticism and intimacy frequently cancel each other out. She'll also explain the secret to having more of all three, and take you through an erotic hypnosis session to have better orgasms.

Marisa Peer is widely known as the founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy®️ (RTT®️). Marisa’s revolutionary approach to hypnotherapy has won her numerous awards, including eight Stevie Awards and a Venus award. She is uniquely qualified to offer sexual advice having been a sex columnist for 4 of Britain's biggest newspapers for over a decade. Marisa is also the author of two of Mindvalley's most popular Quests - 'Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance' and 'Uncompromised Life' which have helped tens of thousands of people lead happier, richer, more fulfilling lives.

Listen out for:

- The incredible and surprising health benefits of orgasms.

- Why we are having less sex than our grandparents?

- The 3 things that make every relationship last (probably not what you think).

- Why you absolutely need to share your fantasies.

- Erotic hypnosis for better orgasms.


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