The Secret to Having the Best Sex of Your Life - Amy Killen


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Our speaker today is Dr. Amy Killen who is a leading anti-aging and regenerative physician, specializing in ‘Skin and Sex’. In this episode, she explores her revolutionary idea of Sexponential Medicine, and how it helps you to sustain sexual vitality and unlock sexual longevity.

After working as a board-certified emergency physician for more than seven years, Dr. Amy Killen saw the effects of unchecked, chronic disease on her patients and decided to transition into the anti-aging and longevity field to offer her patients a better alternative than the traditional aging paradigm. An international speaker, clinical practice owner, entrepreneur, author, and frequent media guest, Dr. Killen has become an outspoken advocate for empowering people to look and feel their best by merging the fields of lifestyle modification, integrative medicine, bio-identical hormones, energy modalities, and stem cell therapies with her approach.

Listen out for:

- The Science of Regenerative Biologics and the incredible impact it has on sex. - Surprising similarities between the benefits of sex and psychedelics.

- The 4-pronged approach to sexual longevity.

- Hormones that must be present in your body for better sex.- What is Nitric Oxide and how it improves your sex life.


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