The 4 Principles of Qi Gong - Lee Holden


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In Qi Fong, life is ruled by invisible energy and invisible forces. World-renowned Qi Gong Master Lee Holden explains the ancient practice and how we can all harness the powerful and positive healing effects of Qi Gong to fully optimize your health, vitality, and emotional mastery. Lee Holden is an internationally renowned Qigong expert and instructor. His body of work across many major media platforms has been instrumental in bringing this ancient practice to the Western world. Lee is also a household name on US and Canadian television, with one of his shows, "Less Stress, More Energy" airing in 50 million households. Lee’s books, classes, and workshops are popular across the world, even among corporations like Apple and celebrities like Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider.

Listen out for:

- What is Qi Gong really all about? (And why is it changing thousands of lives all over the world?)

- A simple 20-second breathing exercise to instantly feel the effects of Qi in your body.

- How a stuck or stagnant Qi is the root cause of our biggest anxieties, stresses, and struggles.

- Unlocking a truly resonant and abundant life by ‘riding’ the waves of your life force.

- Why having a deep connection with nature and other people is required so we do not destroy our world?

- 4 uncompromisable principles of Qi to apply to your daily life.


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