Mark the Week: "It's like a slow-motion train smash."


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At the end of each week, Mike Hosking takes you through the big-ticket items and lets you know what he makes of it all.
Level 3 for Auckland: 8/10
"No, not because you can queue for a burger.
But because it's an admission that elimination doesn’t work."
Ashley Bloomfield Admission over Elimination: 6/10
"Although not being overt about it, in his own conservative way, saying we may not get back to zero.
We knew what you meant, Ashley.
Rob Fyfe's Frustration with the Government: 6/10
"Quote of the week. "It's like a slow-motion train smash."
It was a revealing insight. Sobering, but confirmation of what we suspected."
First Home Buyers: 7/10
"Despite what all the misery merchants say, there are still plenty of people buying their first home.
The stats showed us this week and as we say, numbers don’t lie.
You don’t know how a first home buyer affords a home? Ask them. There is about 36,000 a year."
The Feebate Delay: 6/10
"Blame Covid if you want, but the truth is Treasury argued against it and the Motor Trade Association has pulled support.
It's another ideological thought bubble that’s not conducive to a practical, real world application."
Vaccines: 6/10
"Hesitancy is an issue. We are slowing and slowing fast.
Freedoms come with jabs and open borders come with jabs.
We need some targets and incentives."
Chris Cairns: 9/10
"The inspirational story of the week.
What a hell of a thing to face and yet, as the video showed, it takes a lot to keep a good bloke down.
We wish him well."
The All Blacks: 8/10
"I hope the South Africans are up to it. I'm kind of over watching the All Blacks make it look easy.
Mind you, when you're good, you're good."
Newstalk ZB: 9/10
"Record audience.
Ratings yesterday and we have gob smacking success, thanks to you."

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