On the Transformational Power of Coaching, with Kavita Ahuja


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Join Kavita Ahuja as she discusses the transformational power of coaching. Coaching is about looking forward to what is possible. It is about visualizing what you want and achieving that vision with confidence and concrete planning. It is about lessening those inner voices and critics which tell us we can’t do something and flip it around - and instead say, Yes I can! It is about putting yourself first and that is not selfish - it is about investing in yourself, so you can show up better for everyone else.

She discusses her own transformational journey and how it is possible to flip the switch from "midlife crisis" to "midlife opportunity" by flipping our negative and limiting thoughts about ourselves into positive beliefs and action.
As she so passionately states, " I see your potential - even when you may not. I believe in you - even when you may not believe in yourself. I am confident you can live this next chapter of your life on your terms, and in the most satisfying way possible - even if you are not confident in yourself!"

To receive further information on Kavita's transformational coaching program called, "It's My Time Now" reach out to her at kavita@powerpurposeplay.ca. Book a complimentary discovery call with her today here.
Contact Kavita if you are interested in her Group Coaching program limited to a group of 10 incredible women, starting on the week of October 17 for 6 transformational weekly sessions. If you want to be around other like minded women who are also going through these transitions in midlife - to learn from them and from me, contact Kavita at kavita@powerpurposeplay.ca and she will put your name on the waiting list!
Remember, If Not Now, When?
We are excited to announce our new Group Coaching program - "It's My Time Now!" starting on October 17th for 6 transformational weekly sessions. We are taking names of those interested now. Reach out to me at: kavita@powerpurposeplay.ca for all the details!
For a complimentary coaching consultation with Kavita, Let’s chat.
As a Certified Women's Midlife Transition Coach, I can help you develop the confidence to rediscover who you are, what you want, and how to get there, so you can be the most fulfilled you have ever been. Reach us here:
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Book a complimentary coaching consultation with Kavita to learn about her transformational program, "It's My Time Now"
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