On Celebrating Our Listeners, Our Guests, and Our Podcast Milestones, with Kavita Ahuja


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We are thrilled to celebrate so many things, including that The Midlife Reinvention: A Power Purpose Play Podcast has been selected as one of the Top 20 Midlife Women Podcasts on the web! https://blog.feedspot.com/midlife_women_podcasts/

We could not have done this without you, our wonderful listeners, for tuning in every week and for sharing our podcast to your friends and family. You are the reason I am doing this, and it is you I have in mind as I record my solo episodes and interview incredible women every week.

I’d also like to celebrate each and every one of my wonderful guests who have shared their stories, their experiences, their knowledge and wisdom so we can all learn and apply these key takeaways into our own lives. On that note, this episode I am dedicating to bringing out one key takeaway which stood out for me, from each episode - so I hope you enjoy it

People often ask me - why do I highlight other women in your podcast? I say to them - why not? We all have our unique stories and experiences, and if we can’t learn from one another - what is the point? I believe in the abundance of the universe, and by sharing and collaborating with one another - we all win.

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I’d like to remind you why I created this podcast. The first episode was launched on International Women’s Day in 2021, and I spoke about the theme of Choose to Challenge.
This podcast was created to really celebrate YOU. It is to remind you that you can do great things - small or large - regardless of your age or circumstances. You are unique, and only you have the unique combination of skills, talents, values and experience that you possess. Make this next stage of your life the best stage ever - follow your passions, listen to your inner voice which is telling you something. Try not to be limited by your own thoughts and develop the courage to take the first step and then the next.

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Why do you think it's YOUR TIME NOW?
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Book a complimentary coaching consultation with Kavita to learn about her transformational program, "It's My Time Now"
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