#451 Tyler Bates (Film Composer, Jerry Cantrell, Ex-Marilyn Manson)


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Film composer Tyler Bates is back on the show! We discuss his involvement in producing new music and touring with Jerry Cantrell, how performing again after the pandemic was a almost spiritual connection with the fanbase, recruiting the band that would perform on Jerry’s new album Brighten, producing the major label debut for Starcrawler, all the details in composing the music for the Guardians of the Galaxy roller coasters, on collaborating with Chelsea Wolfe on the soundtrack to the film X, and his latest soundtrack works including Dayshift starring Jamie Foxx.

Petar and Jozalyn we discuss our plans for the Psycho Las Vegas Festival this upcoming weekend, how we navigate so many bands playing on six stages, Satyr from Satyricon unwilling to apologize for Black Metal, and Max Cavalera possibly plotting an original Soulfully reunion to celebrate the debut album.

Song: Tyler Bates and Chelsea Wolfe “Dolls” X Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Song: Tyler Bates “Big John’s Sacrifice” Dayshift Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Song: Jerry Cantrell “Brighten”

Song: Starcrawler “Stranded”

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