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Film Composer and Musical Icon Danny Elfman is our guest this week! We discuss the remix and reimagined album Bigger. Messier coming out August 12th, the importance of being curious when creating a remix album with other artists, the sequencing of the remix album being lead be music opposed to Big Mess, why he felt he needed to create his own deadline to complete his latest solo record, the pandemic being a perfect combination of having to create to keep sane, on how he know when a song is complete in his creative process, album artwork being such an important piece to him creating an album, getting Iggy Pop as a dream collaborator on the new project, and the difference between his soundtrack work being a character in the film or capturing a specific moment.

Petar, and Jozalyn discuss Korn Guitarist Head’s statement about the metal community being inclusive, Def Leppard’s guitarist Phil Collen waiting for the next Metallica, and Phil Anselmo making a statement about Vinnie Paul and Dimebag on his recently announced Pantera reunion.

Song: Danny Elfman & Trent Reznor “ True”

Song: Danny Elfman & Iggy Pop “ Kick Me

Song: Mirror Queen “Inviolate”

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