Leaving Teaching and Becoming Your Own Boss with Joanne Homestead


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Joanne Homestead is an email-copywriter, strategist and former-educator. She is on a mission to help passionate female entrepreneurs and coaches who are growing businesses in the wellness, well-being and mindset space. With her expertise, tools and creativity, Joanne breathes new life into businesses via copywriting. She loves helping create unique voices ands storyline that are relatable and personal.

Her journey into copywriting evolved from a 15 year career in teaching. As an educator she held multiple roles over the years — from a primary school teacher to a literacy interventionist as well as an instructional coach for teachers. The pandemic made Joanne take the final leap out of that profession and into her current work

She is now the proud founder of Desk Plant Creatives, where she offers email-copywriting, courses, programs and a variety of service-packages to female led businesses.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What Joanne does
  • How did the pandemic affect her career
  • How she got into teaching
  • Why was it hard to leave teaching
  • Lessons from the first time she decided to resign
  • What she found out in her career transition workshop
  • Her second job as a reading specialist
  • What made Joanne finally switch her career
  • The impact of attending a Virtual Summit
  • Listening to interviews of former-teachers and their shared experiences
  • Joanne’s final leap from her teaching career
  • Storytelling — the connection between teaching and copywriting
  • Identifying the parts of teaching that she’s been passionate about
  • The numerous transferable skills of teachers
  • “What’s your dream job?”
  • Advantages of being your own boss
  • Words of encouragement from Joanne

Show notes at: https://themeaningmovement.com/joanne

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