The Matthew Books: Messages of Wisdom, Love & Hope from Spirit Realm for Two Decades


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Matthew Ward passed away in a car accident in 1980 at the age of 17. Nearly 14 years later he began regular conversations with his mother from Heaven via telepathic communication, who at that time had been a devout Christian for 35 years and knew nothing about telepathy. He told her that this was all meant to happen (including his passing) so that he and others throughout the universe could provide her with the real answers people would be needing regarding the true situation of our planet and what's really going on in the world now. So much was revealed to her over the years including not only the true history of our civilization, but the real story of God, Jesus, the creation of our universe, religion, and the countless living beings throughout the galaxy that have been helping us for so very long and in such profound ways. These amazing and highly important messages were compiled into a series of five printed books known throughout the world as The Matthew Books. They are: "Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven", "Revelations for a New Era", "Illuminations for a New Era", "Voices of the Universe" and "Amazing to Profound-My Conversations with Animals". We are now happy to offer you the complete audio transcripts of each and every one of these books in their entirety for free, in order to help, calm, guide and most importantly empower us in this most amazing time in the universe. Please listen to the words from deep inside your soul, and you’ll soon realize there is something very real and very special here that can help not only yourself, but a great many others as well. No money is made from this podcast, and it will never be monetized by us. This is a place of love and all of you are so very welcomed here. * * * * * The first book: "MATTHEW, TELL ME ABOUT HEAVEN" is now available in its entirety on our Matthew Books YouTube channel. * * * * * We are now pleased to begin for you here: "REVELATIONS FOR A NEW ERA" with new chapters posted to podcast and YouTube simultaneously every Friday. - In this amazing book, along with Matthew’s wonderful new messages from the Spirit realm, representatives from six different galactic civilizations will speak about their people’s homeland, history, culture, appearance and how they’re helping planet Earth and all of us ascend to a beautiful new world, where the darkness that has been controlling all of us for so long, is no more. We will learn about the spiritual hierarchy of God and Creator, universal energy, thought forms, the soul, cumulative soul, parallel lives, intuition, karmic choices, polarity/duality, cetaceans, seeing the future, the origin of Earth humankind, human cloning, mind control, abortion, birth control, Earth’s Golden Age and so much more! Join us for some of the coolest and most profound information on the planet, and all presented to you with great Love... the most powerful force in the cosmos! * * * * * For the complete story behind the books please visit: * * * * * For the Matthew Books YouTube Channel please visit:

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