#26: GTFO Rundown 004, Phil Spencer Interviews, and Twitch Takedowns.


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Jarret and Nick are back to talk about the latest in gaming news! But first, Nick talks about playing Shadow of the Colossus with his son and re-experiencing some content after about 15 years. Jarret, meanwhile has been playing GTFO and talks a bit about that. He then goes in depth on the new GTFO Rundown 0004, discussing the new weapons changes and then reviews the changes to the difficulty settings.
Getting into the news, the guys start talking about some recent Phil Spencer interviews where he discussed whether he would need to bring Bethesda games to Sony products. While he doesn't say no, its clear that its not necessary for Microsoft to do this. They go in depth about Microsoft's situation for his console generation and Nick admits he's curious to see how this will play out because both Microsoft and Sony are playing to their strengths. Spencer also did an interview where he talked about lower priced console hardware, like streaming sticks for Game Pass, which would be intriguing. Nick wonders if Microsoft's true opponent is Netflix. Jarret wonders about the possibility of XBox Game Pass Platinum and what it would cover that All Access does not.
They also look at the recent Ubisoft Announcement that Uplay and Ubisoft Club would be merged and renamed Ubisoft Connect, which will allow for cross-platform play. They consider how this relates to Microsoft's strategy.
Next, the duo talk about some recent Twitch DMCA takedowns which have upset the streamer community. They agree Twitch is doing what it needs to do and people need to be more wary of trademark infringement. They also discuss Alex Hutchinson's recent comments that streamers should be buying licenses to stream, which Nick tries to defend but Jarret rightly stomps on. They discuss how streaming is different from other forms of entertainment.

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