The Importance of Google Analytics with Ryna Frankel


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In this podcast episode, I talk to CEO and Co-founder, IPLYTICS, Ryna Frankel of the importance of Google Analytics for your business. Here's what we discussed in this podcast episode:
✨ The benefits of Google Analytics for your business
✨ Why you should invest time for Google Analytics when your website platform has its own analytics
✨ What is Google Tagging and how is it helpful for your business
✨ Some of the important metrics to track for your business
✨ Some of the mistakes most business owners make when it comes to Google Analytics and how you can avoid them
Ryna does a fantastic job of breaking down Google Analytics and this episode has got you covered if you're just starting out on Google Analytics!
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Please note: This podcast episode is sponsored.
About our Sponsor:
IP Lytics is a tool that transforms anonymous IP addresses into precise firmographic data for B2B companies. Our artificial intelligence software paired with machine learning provides in-depth web traffic analysis to reveal who is visiting your site. Turn random IP addresses into real company names, capture leads that are ready to buy, and turn visits into conversions.
About our Guest:
Ryna Frankel is the CEO and co-founder of IP Lytics. She is an artist and entrepreneur with a passion for working with good people and helping SMB companies find success.
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