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I’m Pamela Mitchell, a top coach, author, and expert in individual transformation (FORTUNE magazine calls me the ‘Queen of Reinvention’), and I’m here to help you create whole-life success! In this lively, engaging podcast I bring you insightful advice, practical tips, useful tools and proven strategies, all designed to help you achieve both professional fulfillment and personal happiness. As your coach and mentor we’ll talk about the topics that matter most in helping you unleash your best self: vibrant energy, enhanced motivation, healthy habits, a positive mindset, clear goals, self-worth and confidence, prioritization, and—of course, from an expert in reinvention—how to change! You’ll also get to hear interviews with other top experts in finance, mindfulness, health, behavior change, and many other cool topics, plus there’s even Ask Coach Pamela where you can submit a question about a reinvention challenge and I just might answer it on a future episode. So why settle for a good life when a great one is waiting? Join me each week and let’s lift YOUR life!

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