How to PROFIT from the Crypto CRASH (Three Quick Tips!)


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Radoslav Albrecht is the CEO and Founder of Bitbond, a financial technology firm that uses blockchain to create novel finance solutions. Bitbond is a leading firm where asset tokenization is concerned and Radoslav successfully grew the firm from obscurity to the recognized giant that it is now. Radoslav began his career as a banker with Deutsche Bank, London. Afterward, he proceeded to work with Roland Berger Strategy Consultant where he advised banks on post-merger integrations. Listen to this podcast to learn more about Radoslav’s exciting journey as an entrepreneur, he also talks about how to make a profit during the crypto crash. Please Enjoy! Would you please consider being 1% and leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts/ iTunes if you enjoy the podcast? It takes less than 30 seconds, and it makes a world of difference in reaching new interesting guests! To sign up for Kevin’s Podcast email Newsletter and to view the show notes & past guests please visit- Follow Kevin:

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