307 Mallun Yen: Founder & CEO of Operator Collective


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Thrilled to share my interview with Founder & CEO of Operator Collective, Mallun Yen. Founded in 2018, this venture fund and community has taken a unique and needed approach to startup investing. Not only are they helping fund startups primarily in the B2B space, but they are bringing an incredible group of top operators from diverse backgrounds who have built and scaled the most admired companies in the world. Operator Collective’s 130+ limited partners are 90% women, 40% people of color and 70% of whom had never invested in venture before. The combined experience that Mallun has pulled together to create this fund and community is incredible! Hear more about how it got started, how it’s going and lessons she has learned along the way. On this episode of #TheKaraGoldinShow.

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To learn more about Operator Collective: https://www.operatorcollective.com

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