Episode 589 | "Golden Child"


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The JBP opens up the Saturday pod with discussions on Christmas and fashion (6:33) and why big hitters don’t usually release new music early in the year (12:55). At the time of recording, jury deliberations are underway in the Meg & Tory case (18:10). The judge who jailed Meek Mill has had all her criminal cases reassigned (29:25), and the guys also react to Pusha T breaking ties with G.O.O.D. Music (37:07). Next, Gucci faces backlash for a Harry Styles ad (57:42), Joe asks the room about their holiday plans and what they are thankful for this year (1:07:31), and QueenzFlip joins the show (1:39:45). Lastly, Wiz Khalifa says he wants a Verzuz against Lil Wayne (1:47:40) which leads to a debate over Busta Rhymes vs. Wayne (1:57:38), + MORE!

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Sleeper Picks:

Joe | Alina Baraz - “Take It Home”

Ice | Jim Jones, Stack Bundles, & J.R. Writer - “Ballin’ On Christmas”

QueenzFlip | Otis Redding - “Try A Little Tenderness”

Parks | Ransom & V Don (feat. 38 Spesh) - “Hit List”

Ish | Kenyon Dixon & Jade Novah - “Here (For Christmas”

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