SN8 | Ep407 - Hannah Gold - R&B-Pop Fusion Artist


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~ ~ Hannah Gold dedicates this interview to her Grandparents, Sy and Shelley Goldblatt ~ ~ Our Special Guest today is R&B-Pop Fusion Artist Hannah Gold. She's on the TJS Radio New Artist Radar! The path to her dream has had many twists and turns, but she has stayed on the path. She always knew what she was here to do. The fruit of her labor is here today. She shares it with you. Hannah Gold is a 22-year-old R&B-Pop Fusion Artist who brings to her music hip-hop, alternative, gospel, and rock. Hannah’s lyrics are honest and at times tragic, but also hopeful. Her vocals are beautiful, new. Fresh. She evokes powerful emotions that crash around in your own memories, failures, triumphs. Her lyrics stay with you. They evoke reflection. She writes music about love, relationships, break-ups, and navigating her new, adult world. Hannah grew up in Long Island, New York, and moved to Los Angeles, at the age of 18 to pursue her studies at the University of Southern California and her dream of becoming an artist. It’s been a long journey. 4 years of hard work and relentless determination has led Hannah to today. Today, September 17th, Hannah Gold releases her first single, “Run Away” on all streaming platforms. The accompanying video also dropped at midnight and is available on Hannah’s YouTube Channel. Find Hannah Gold HERE: Instagram: @hannahlg123 Youtube: Youtube Music Video Premiere Link for Run Away (9/17 12am): Facebook: Hannah Gold @hannahgoldmusic Website: TikTok: QueenHLG Spotify Artist Page Apple Music Artist Page

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