846 - How to Make Your Romantic Life Better Using Data with Seth Stephens-Davidowitz


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What is happiness? Are you happy in your relationship? Have you actually found the One? Did you meet your significant one in the online dating app? Or are you still single, and can't find anyone?

In this episode, Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, American data scientist, economist, and author, joined us, to give Jay Yow The Engineer and Producer of The James Altucher Show, advice on how to find the "one" using data!

Seth also talk about how to use data to gauge your happiness in the relationship, and he also debunked a list of Dating Myth using data as well. He also talks about how to make your romantic life better using the data that he found!

Listen to the episode, and if you like this episode, Part 2 with Seth, How to Make More Money Using Data About Millionaires will be released next Tuesday! So stay tuned!

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