841 - DIE WITH ZERO! with Bill Perkins (Re-Release).


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The Tax Season has just ended! What would you do with your tax refund? Or if you had a couple of side hustles that have been making a ton of money, what would you do with all of your money?

In this Re-Release Episode with Bill Perkins, an American hedge fund manager, film producer, and high stakes poker player, we talked about health vs wealth, cash vs experience, and why should you die with zero!? We also talked about his book, DIE WITH ZERO!


What the heck? Is that Dan Bilzerian in the background? Where are you? Dan said "Croatia". How did you get there? "When you're with Bill, you can get anywhere!" Bill Perkins lives life large and plans to DIE with zero. "Experiences pay dividends forever. You remember experiences. You tell stories. They can lead to other experiences. Money only pays a dividend once a year. Coming here with my family and friends will pay dividends forever." Like everything else he does. "If you die with money in the bank then you wasted all those hours you spent making that extra money instead of enjoying the things you love to do." Health, Time, and Money, is all we have and at each stage of our lives, we only have two out of the three. Use that to maximize doing what you love and dying with zero.


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