IRR 126: How To Assess and Evaluate Risk In A Changing Market


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The Investor Relations Real Estate Podcast

Episode 126 - How To Assess and Evaluate Risk In A Changing Market

Host: Jonny Cattani

Guest: Joel Florek

Producer: April Munson

Jonny Cattani is joined by Joel Florek to discuss:

  • Every asset you look at needs to have a value add component
  • How to assess and evaluate risk in a changing market
  • With massive shifts in lending rates and likely adjustments to cap rates investors need to be careful of the types of deals they purchase as well as how they manage risk within their own portfolios

Multifamily and RV Park investor and operator with $17m in assets under management. Joel is a husband and soon to be father of three. His family lives in LaPorte Indiana and is moving onto a small farm this summer.

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