IRR 125: Friday Follow Up - Jonny Cattani: The Hype Man You Didn't Know You Needed


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The Investor Relations Real Estate Podcast

Episode 125 - Friday Follow Up: Jonny Cattani - The Hype Man You Didn’t Know You Needed

Host: Jonny Cattani

Producer: April Munson

Join our host Jonny Cattani for a one on one ‘Friday Follow Up’ where Jonny has the floor to free form his journey- reflecting on the impact that his guests have had on him throughout the week, what he has learned, and provides updates about how things are going in his business, Cattani Capital Group.

Jonny Cattani reflects on:

  • First webinar that Jonny Cattani has led! Shout out to Adam Carswell and Hunter Thompson!
  • In the syndication world there are 2 types of syndications
    • 506(c) - also known as a charlie
    • 506(b) - also known as a bravo

Jonathan Cattani is the founder and managing partner of CCG. With over 5 years of experience in real estate and finance, Jonathan brings a unique approach to the CCG investment strategy and an understanding of why alternative investments are creating true wealth. He personally selects each operator, in every asset class, ensuring he meets the goals of the investors.

Prior to CCG, Jonathan worked with an experienced real estate investment group. As project manager, he helped them grow their portfolio from 70 doors, to 572 doors in 3 states in just under a year. That, along with 3 years as a licensed stock broker, working with high net worth individuals, gives him the advantage of truly understanding investing in the stock market vs real estate.

These amazing opportunities have led him to start CCG, where he looks forward to helping all of his investors grow!

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