377: Affirmation Meditation: Holiday Series


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Today on the podcast we kick off the Holiday Series.

My intention each week is that when you tune in, you can feel less stress, more calm and peace this season.

I will be sharing, affirmations, guided meditations, channelled messages and stories.

Wishing You and Your loved Ones

Happy Holidays


I am blessed and joyful

I am enjoying each and every day of this holiday season

All things are working for me

I am in alignment for my highest good

I am abundant and prosperous

I enjoy the company of my loved ones and friends

I make time for myself every day

Rest and social time are physically good for me

Making other people happy makes me happy

My plate is full of things and people I am lucky to have

I am grateful for the abundance of the season

I will allow myself self-care

I am connected to all the love in the world

I am present and at peace

My happiness is more important than my to-do list

This season I will enjoy every moment

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