The Intentional Mind ™ Podcast - Clarity, Motivation, Energy and Intentional Living Tips for Purpose-Driven Professionals


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Do you want to feel more energized? Want to do work that is more meaningful to you? Want to be more intentional with your life in general? If so, this is the podcast for you! The Intentional Mind Podcast is a weekly podcast that helps purpose-driven professionals intentionally design a life and career they’re excited about using the power of their subconscious mind (hello neuroscience), faith and ENERGY! No more just going through the motions, doing things that don’t light you up, procrastinating galore and waiting to feel ready. Let‘s use the gifts God gave us, set intentional life goals, get focused, travel and have more FUN doing what matters most to us so at the end of it all we have no regrets! Here, we talk about all things intentionality, like how to simplify your life to honor what is most important to you, vision casting, developing the right mindset, habits, environment, and of course, generating positive energy everywhere you go! Every Thursday, you’ll receive an inspiring story and strategies you can use to stop playing small and start BEING the person you’re meant to be. The show is hosted by Ang Barnard, a multi-passionate brain-nerd, world traveler, life & career coach who loves helping people work and live life in a way that is more in alignment with their values and strengths. Subscribe and leave with a dose of inspiration and action tips you can start implementing today! Connect with Ang @angbarnard on Instagram Join The Intentionalists Community: Questions about working with Ang: email her at

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