Episode 66 - Identifying OVERWHELM and Finding the CONFIDENCE TO SAY NO to Anything that Isn’t Serving You with Special Guest Devoney Kodad of Free & Well


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Knowing you would benefit from slowing down is one thing, but actually doing it is another. On episode 66 of The Intentional Edit Podcast we learn how to identify overwhelm, the benefits of doing less, and tools to find the confidence to start saying no to commitments and obligations that aren’t serving us in this current stage of life. The special guest today is a therapist and life coach that is sharing her knowledge so that we can reduce the overwhelm and start feeling good!

Connect with Devoney here:

Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/free-well-self-confidence-worth-routines-overcome-comparison/id1490918997

Website: www.freeandwell.org

Community: www.freeandwellcommunity.com

Email: devoney@freeandwell.org

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Now is the time to say goodbye to overwhelm, get organized and create systems so that you can live your best life at home and beyond. Simplify your life and home by creating routines, maximizing systems and decluttering!

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