Overcoming a Builder Mentality


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Do you constantly feel the need to build something new? Maybe you are always coming up with new ideas for your existing business, or maybe you just can’t stop generating new business ideas! In this episode, I am digging into what it looks like to have a builder mentality or to have a personality that is really driven by a desire to build things. If you are feeling the burnout or confusion of not knowing what to do next in whatever it is you have built, this episode is for you!

Inspiration I am passing on to you in this episode:

  • Your personalities strengths inside a business (3:18)
  • The downside of personality tests (7:37)
  • Being innovative and forward-thinking (12:35)
  • Building systems that make you stand out (14:30)
  • Growing your list and offers (15:47)
  • Building a team to exemplify your client’s experience (17:18)
  • Having the courage to try something new (18:21)

As entrepreneurs, we are natural builders and naturally ready to try something outside of the box. If you are listening to this and you are resonating with this message, I would love to hear from you. Visit me on Instagram, shoot me a DM or go to my website and book a discovery call. I am here to support you!

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