Agents of SMOOCH 84: Warm Bath of a Book


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By special Agent request, our Agents are discussing a 2022 independently-published book Legends & Lattes: A Novel of High Fantasy and Low Stakes by Travis Baldree which will be re-released this November through Tor. This warm bath of a book gave us all a warm glow and we just wanted to share that feeling with all of you. Take some DnD style characters in a setting reminiscent of the Forgotten Realms but (mostly) put down your weapons and pull up a chair for a latte and warm pastries. We have so much we want to share with you.

Legends and Lattes Novel

Annette Wierstra with James Thomson, Sarah Hendrica Bickerton and Kathy Campbell

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Books that might hit a similar vibe: Terry Pratchett generally Becky Chambers High-SciFi, low stakes Krista D. Ball A Magical Inheritance, low stakes Regency Romance

Shows that remind us of the gentle feelings this book gave us: Ms. Marvel Going Postal (Terry Pratchett adaptation) Some Doctor Who episodes Jane the Virgin
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