Agents of SMOOCH 83: 6 Kids and an RV


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Our agents want to talk about Stranger Things. It is a nostalgic-filled, horror-fueled, teen drama with SO many ships to sail. Join us on this mission that covers all four seasons of the show. This episode is full of spoilers but our Agents spend little time talking about the plot. We do talk about character arcs and relationship development. The Agents realize that they have impassioned opinions about OTPs the NOT OTPs and who is the most boring burger. Not even our Agents knew how much they cared until they got into it. We have a lot to say about all the ships. So buckle up and come with us on this mission to Jopperland.

We get a bit excited and a few expletives slip out. So be warned if that matters to you.

Stranger Things

Annette Wierstra with Sarah Hendrica Bickerton and KatyBeth Schmid

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Winona Ryder and David Harbour on Jopper

Watch Suzie-poo and Dusty-bun sing together. You know you want to!

Maya Hawke in Little Women )

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