Renewing your Mind by Incorporating Biblical Scripture


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Dr. Juanita Foster shares her story of recently going full time into her business. Her strong focus on scripture & faith in helping you shift your mindset incorporating using The Model. She shares some of her techniques including doing a thought download and taking them to the already done place while assimilating scripture. We have an amazing conversation on neuroscience and how powerful our thoughts can be. Dr. Foster believes you have the right to question every thought that comes to your mind and her hand off process of giving it to God and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide her decision. We laughed and had such a great time, come join the conversation.


Dr. Juanita’s deep passion and commitment to leadership has led her to launch Educate Motivate Elevate Consulting, LLC., (EME Consulting).

In her coaching practice, Juanita is passionate about equipping leaders to develop their mindset and skillset so they can thrive as a leader, make more money, and leave a lasting legacy. She has helped many people go from where they were before - whether it was stuck or stagnant - to living out their vision.

Dr. Juanita is a certified NLP & NLP Master Practitioner, International Amazon bestselling author, and trainer.

Juanita is a Delaware native, who loves to volunteer throughout the state. She is a mother of three children and grandmother to two grandchildren. She enjoys spending time with her family and is known as the family event planner.




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