Networking off Social Media to Generate Leads & Sales


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In todays episode I talk about networking off social media to make sales… After the Facebook and Instagram blackout that happened, many business owners panicked when considering how to stay in contact with their audience.

For me I have my podcast which leads to the importance of building your email list so that you can stay in contact and communicate with your audience no matter what and having a place to house leads that you have more control over and own

While Social media is powerful and will be here for the long run it should not be your only way of generating leads and sales and it should definitely not be the only place you communicate and connect with your audience and that is why I am sharing other ways to land clients...

Such as:

  • Referal network,
  • BNI
  • Local Meetups
  • LinkedIn- not a social media platform
  • Local networking events
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Your own platform- people are building this.. completely independent of social media
  • Speaking engagements ect

This episode is one you don't want to miss... I share my own experience. Grab a paper and pen and come ready to take notes.

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