Knowing when & how to outsource & hire a team in your Business


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How to do all the things in your business as a mother of 4 without getting bogged down? Great question and one Rachel will be answering in this episode.

Rachel shares how she went from being a VA to building her own VA business, hiring team members to expand, and scale her business. Rachel shares the importance of outsourcing and understanding how to apply it at any level you are in your business (whether your just starting out or ready to scale), she breaks it all down and emphasizes the importance of focusing on income producing activities, so figuring out what's worth my time and what's worth my effort. She says you can start small when on a budget and it doesn't have to be financial, there are plenty of creative things to do as well.

In a hustle culture online world, Rachel shares valuable tips on how to grow and scale your business without sacrificing your time. Rachel is transparent in recognizing she wasn't a great manager and how she was able to work through that challenge. This is such a great episode because you get to learn a lot from a successful CEO with 10 yrs experience in the industry. If you are looking to hire in your business, Rachel also shares some things to consider when hiring that is truly invaluable. You do not want to miss this episode.


Rachel Luther is an entrepreneur who was a virtual assistant before people knew what the term meant. After spending the last 10+ years growing her VA business from a one-woman show to a team of talented professionals providing all areas of back office virtual support, Rachel is divulging her secrets to success, covering work/life balance, strategies for outsourcing, remote work and everything in between. Rachel is often asked, ‘ Can you be an entrepreneur and still have it all?’ The answer is a resounding ‘yes,’ and her mission is to share with you some tangible ways to make a larger impact in your business while working fewer hours.

I have a digital download to help think through and prioritize responsibilities as you outsource.


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