How to Overcome Money Mindset Blocks keeping you Stuck & Embody an Abundance Mindset


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If you are feeling stuck in your business, knowing that you have the ability to make more money than your currently making and your doing everything but seem to have hit a ceiling that you cant seem to overcome, than join this conversation. Camille breaks down how our money mindset and unaddressed trauma could be holding us back and what we can start doing to address it, including understanding our relationship with money and how to identify your financial set point.

Camille breaks down her process including: getting to the root cause, dismantling, displacing and releasing those invisible blind spots, beliefs and blocks preventing entrepreneurs from creating the life and business that they want.

Join us as we discuss money mindset, abundance mindset and embodying success as business women. If you are feeling stuck or unable to hit that next 6, 7 or 8-figure revenue goal, you may think its a strategy or marketing problem but it may be something deeper.


An experienced attorney Camille helped people navigate legal challenges in the area of the 3D’s namely debt, disability and death. Camille works with entrepreneurs and sales professionals to release invisible abundance blocks beliefs and heal their money wounds so they can confidently sell their services and create the lifestyle they deserve.


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