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As a Brand Messaging Consultant Dionne helps women tell their story through content. In today episode she shares a bit about brand positioning, sharing your story, your IT factor and personal brand with the world. She shares why she decided to jump fully into her business and invest in her business while juggling motherhood, full-time job and her business. Dionne's story is so relatable as she shares what obstacles she ran into, how she overcame those two biggest hurdles- mindset and logistics, and what's on the horizon as she expands her business. Dionne also shares a common struggle most entrepreneurs face with being misaligned in their business, how to convey your message in your content to the right people, and what it means to create your own lane and be comfortable staying in it.


As a brand messaging consultant, Dionne has leveraged her 20+ years as a writer and strategist to help hundreds of brilliant, ambitious Black women - entrepreneurs and corporate climbers - shed fear and anxiety, share their brand stories, and come out of obscurity in career and business.

She's written amazing content for just about every type of medium, and uses the art of written language to help her clients strike a cord with audiences. As a brand strategist, she's developed eye-catching branding materials, and results-driven PR and social media campaigns for law firms, community-based organizations, international nonprofits, tourism bureaus, PR firms, government agencies.

Dionne has a B.S. in Communications & Technology (Chestnut Hill College), and a Master of Journalism degree (Temple University). She currently resides in Philadelphia, PA with her husband Edward and their two children.

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