TEACHINGS: Psychological Suffering | J. Krishnamurti & Scientists | Part 2


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The Immeasurable Podcast is highlighting the four part series from Ojai in 1982 where J. Krishnamurti spoke with Rupert Sheldrake, David Bohm and John Hidley about the nature of the mind. You can visit Pine Cottage where this conversation took place, and where Krishnamurti lived and passed away, during visiting hours at the Krishnamurti Library in Ojai, CA. Please go to kfa.org for details.
J. Krishnamurti - Ojai 1982 - Discussion with Scientists 2 - Psychological Suffering
What is security?
I have an image about myself. I am a great cook, a great scientist, a great carpenter, whatever you will. I have got that picture in myself and you come along and put a pin into it. And that gets hurt, the image gets hurt. The image is me.
What is a human being?
You are not basically different from me. You may be tall, you may be born in England, I may be born in Africa, I have dark skin, but deep down, the river, the content of the river is the water. The river is not an Asiatic river or European river, it is a river.
Love is not English, American or Indian. Agony is not yours or mine, it is agony. But we identify ourselves with agony - it is my agony, which is not yours. Why do we want to identify with something?
Is there a learning about oneself which is not constant accumulation about myself?
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