INTERVIEW: Charles Eisenstein interviewed by Jaap Sluijter and Gianni Garubo


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In the following episode of The Immeasurable Podcast, we interview Charles Eisenstein.
Charles Eisenstein is an American public speaker and author. His work covers a wide range of topics, including the history of human civilization, economics, spirituality, and the ecology movement.

In this episode, Jaap and Gianni explore Charles’ unique perspective on the impediments humans face, conflict, safety and security, and relationship. In just a little over an hour, the trio create a conversation that shines a light on this real moment of reflection.

  • The driver behind Charles’ mission and why he contributes to the world. (4:18)
  • Gianni comments on what gets in the way of observation and the reason why the mind is prevented from clear seeing. (13:13)
  • How the light of awareness removes impediments and barriers… and opens up possibilities. (17:39)
  • Charles explains why our impediments and conditioning exists, why they are useful, and what happens when we notice their confining nature. (19:04)
  • How Coronavirus has revealed the paradox of fear and fragility in the West… and how a psychologically weak population jumps to hysteria. (24:01)
  • What it means to be safe in the world and the mechanism behind problems like war. (25:10)
  • Charles describes how and why society summoned a crisis like Coronavirus. (29:14)
  • How warlike were pre-civilized cultures exactly? (32:44)
  • How the lack of important relationships creates more consequences than just isolation (hint: it’s the condition of modern society). (35:30)
  • What the things we condemn teach us about connection. (37:27)
  • Charles details how we can transcend hostility towards one another and create a new global story—one that meaningfully tells us who we are, why we’re here, and what our part is. (45:29)
  • Competition: how it helps us and how it hurts us. (49:20)
  • What will happen next if we don’t listen to what this pandemic is trying to teach us. (58:30)

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