Episode 6 - Sir Toshi Defender of Bitcoin


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On this episode, Dan and the Pack start to explore the world of cryptocurrency with well-known Bitcoin SV advocate Sir Toshi-Defender of Bitcoin. The Pack and Sir Toshi discuss the origin of Bitcoin, some of the advantages and disadvantages of blockchain, and Sir Toshi drops his theory as to who he thinks Satoshi Nakamoto is. This is the first conversation in what will become a series of ongoing discussions as the Wolfpack begins to dig into all things crypto.

2:50 - Why Sir Toshi chooses to be pseudonymous, his theory on the true identity of “Satoshi Nakamoto,” and how Bitcoin contains value.

13:49 - How Satoshi Nakamoto allowed Bitcoin to build credibility through neutral growth and the Winklevoss twins’ giant stake in Bitcoin.

28:25 - How blockchain remains independent by decentralizing the point of authority.

31:14 - Sir Toshi’s belief in the future of Bitcoin, the benefits of decentralized currency, and how miners both compete and work together to maintain the network.

50:42 - The rise of blockchain in corporations and the internet, and the concern over data that can never be deleted.

56:27 - The rise of “fake” Bitcoins.

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