Episode 26 - Gordon G Chang - The Coming conflict with China, good-bye Taiwan and LeBron James, what a .


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This week on the podcast the pack visits with Gordon G. Chang. We cover just about every area that China is eating our lunch in from having all our DNA, the future and some say the inevitable fall of Taiwan to the duplicity of US universities and corporations. Sit back have a hot tea and brush up on your Mandarin.

Gordon is an attorney, the author of several books on China, a columnist, and public intellectual. He lived for several decades in China and greater Asia, working for major US law firms Baker & Mackenzie and Paul, Weiss. Gordon has given briefings at the National Intelligence Council, the CIA, the State Department, and the Pentagon, and has appeared before the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs. He is a former contributor at The Daily Beast. His writings on China and North Korea have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the International Herald Tribune, Commentary, National Review, and Barron’s among others He has appeared on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, PBS, Bloomberg Television, and others, as well on as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Gordon has spoken at Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, Yale, and other universities.

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