Episode 25 - Cory Johnson - Elon Musk does not call me anymore.


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This week, The Pack visits with Cory Johnson, @CoryTV on Twitter. Cory is host of the daily Drill Down Podcast, @DrillDownPod, of the BizPod Network

Cory illuminates the business behind daily stock movers with in-depth analysis and conducts daily interviews with powerful CEOs and investors. His peripatetic career has seen him in prominent roles as a technology journalist, broadcaster, hedge fund portfolio manager, and investor. But fundamentally he’s an entrepreneur -- helping to start media companies such as the Industry Standard, Slam (the world’s largest basketball magazine), and Vibe.

He was CNBC’s first Silicon Valley correspondent, and helped create TV, radio, and podcasts for Bloomberg. He has also worked as the managing member of Epistrophy Capital, as a senior executive at the blockchain startup Ripple, and at several other prominent ventures.

The Pack digs into Cory’s history, from college to his current endeavor, The Drill Down Podcast. Nothing was off-limits, and Cory gives his unvarnished opinion on CNBC, Mike Bloomberg, and the state of business reporting.

Sit back, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy.

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2:43 A log rolling in our time.

3:10 Cory makes up his own major at NYU.

4:41 New York Magazine, Wall Street, Courts & Crime and Wall Street, Courts & Crime and a call from Jim Cramer.

12:04 CNBC and the value of stability.

13:21 Business Journalism & CNBC, a stock is not a story.

16:51 The Human Experience.

20:53 Why this medium.

22:53 Ackman, Ichan, Herbalife and getting it shoved up your ass.

27:40 Elon doesn’t call me anymore.

30:40 I hate it here.

33:45 The Drill Down and why its different.

35:48 Business literacy and getting sued.

37:58 Mike Wilkins, Bill Maher sucks at hoops and the Smithsonian.

41:30 A little bit of Bitcoin.

44:02 Wrapping up and some Felonious Munk.

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