Episode 21 Crocker Coulson - China, RTO's, Skull & Bones and a giant divorce bill


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This week, The Pack visits with a friend of the show, Crocker Coulson (@crockercoulson on Twitter). Crocker is the CEO of AUM media and is an award-winning investor-relations and corporate communications advisor for the last two decades.

Crocker takes The Pack though his childhood watching avant-garde films, his time at Yale and his encounter with the “Skull and Bones Club”, his jump into journalism starting at The Yale Daily News, his first publication, and finally his time at CCG and what those initials really meant.

Crocker was instrumental in bringing to US markets many of the Chinese RTOs that later became targets of Dan and the other China Hustle shorts. We also touch on what Crocker has been doing since the fall of the reverse-merger, including the most expensive divorce in billed hours in the history of New York.

Crocker is also Founder and Chairman of the MUSE Academy, a school focused on the performing arts, and of the 110-year-old Brooklyn Music School.

Sit back, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy.

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