173 - Colorado Antelope with the Bowdudes


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"HuntFishTravel 173 - Colorado Antelope with the Bowdudes"

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This episode is a hilarious hot mess.

We’re talking to Jack and Gary from the Bowdudes about their Colorado pronghorn hunt with Fred Eichler and Full Draw Outfitters.

Meanwhile we have some pretty serious speakerphone echo, a grandfather clock that chimes at regular intervals, answering machines taking calls in the background and conversations about pooping in the desert.


  • 3:15 Why Colorado for a pronghorn hunt?
  • 6:00 Accommodations and what to expect at Full Draw Outfitters.
  • 9:00 White trash bags vs black trash bags and what they mean for doing your business!
  • 10:00 Was Jack in his underwear when he shot his antelope? I don’t think I actually need to answer that…
  • 11:00 Shot distances
  • 12:45 using shoot through netting with expandables.
  • 14:30 The hunt
  • 21:00 Using live horses as decoys
  • 26:00 things you see while hunting
  • 28:00 Snakes in the blind and cougars too!
  • 31:00 Biggest challenges.
  • 33:00 10 gallon buckets
  • 38:00 Temps, elevation, shot yardage and scent prevention
  • 40:30 Filming considerations
  • Bowdudes.com

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